How to Write a Referral Letter

Getting referrals is a good way to generate new business; however, getting yourself or your business. However, referrals can be hard because it’s hard to convince someone of something they might not have even thought of themselves. To get a good client, you have to write a referral letter. Let me show you how to write a referral letter in 10 easy steps.

The first step to writing a referral letter is to understand what a referral is. Typically when people refer a business or an individual to your company, they do so because they saw something that they deemed a good fit for them. The business or individual referred to you doesn’t necessarily need to have anything to do with your product, service, or business. It could just be someone who saw your logo or ad and liked how it looked.

When you find a client through a referral, you don’t ask them why they wanted to refer you. You already know what they want to get out of the deal. You already know they want to get more sales or at least more time from you. So when you give someone a referral, you already know that it is because of something they want. Your only job then is to provide them with that thing.

So how to write a referral letter is all about providing. Provide a value. Don’t worry so much about the “how” it is written. Just focus on the “what.” If you can prove to the person that your company is the best choice for them and then show them that you can provide the tools and resources to help them succeed, you’ve won the referral!

So how to write a referral letter in the context of internet marketing? The first part or the body of your letter should be personal. Review their strengths and weaknesses. Let them know that you can help them succeed. Make it seem as if you are there to mentor or coach them through the process, but don’t ask them to open up to you directly or even mention what business you are in (unless you are the only one who knows about their particular business).

Include facts about your own business. For example, mention when you started your own business. What were your strengths as a businessman? Why should they hire you? What are some of your goals for this particular business? Let them know how excited you are to be working with them and how eager you are to help them succeed.

You might also consider asking if they have any friends or family who would be interested in working with you. You don’t want to oversell, but don’t turn away anyone at the same time. Referrals are a great way to generate business for yourself. If they do hear from someone, then you’ve done your job!

Lastly, when you write your letter, be careful about making it too personal. You don’t want to come across as trying to sell them on your business, when what you’re really trying to do is help them out. As a rule, you shouldn’t need to sell anything; just be helpful. Your friend or relative may have questions about your business, and that’s okay. Your goal is to provide them with the information to help them succeed in their own business.

After you’ve written your referral request, be sure to send it along in a professional-looking letter. Have a few sentences in your letter that explain why you’re willing to refer them to the best person possible. “We’re very excited to have Elizabeth send us her resume. Her skills and qualifications match our highest expectations.” If you’re unsure how to word that, just keep it as short and simple as possible.

When you know how to write a referral letter properly, your contact will be thrilled to hear from you. They’ll want to meet with you to discuss what they can do to help your business. They’ll often give you a call to see if you’d like to have lunch or meet somewhere. That’s how to write a referral letter, anyway. Good luck!

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How to Write a Referral Letter