Passports and Visas

If you have a great passion of traveling and love to explore the world without any hindrance or worries, you need to have a genuine passport, which is not only your International travel permit but a mandatory document to prove your identity as a citizen of a particular country.


Drivers License and ID Cards

A driving license is not only a necessity to run vehicle but it is also an identity which allows you to be a valid citizen of a particular country. But you often find hurdle in your way, when you are aspiring to become a valid driver or a valid employee. The reasons for these hurdles can be your unprofessionalism or carelessness and etc


Counterfeit Money

Our banknotes contain the top-class security features, which means they are able to pass every test, some of it includes: Ultra Violet light (UV), Pentest (or Iodine test), and other tests that are specifically designed to detect fake money in transit. Counterfeit money or can say “Fake money” is not really fake as it has the ability to you manipulate you also.

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