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How To Write A Debate Speech – Finalizing Your Argument

This will require them to be good listeners and to really understand what the other person is saying. An argument without a strong conclusion is like a car without an engine. If you do not believe in the opposing view then you need to prove them wrong with evidence.

Your argument should be written down on a large piece of paper so that everyone who is listening can see it easily. If you cannot clearly explain your argument onto a big piece of paper, then you may want to read it out loud to someone who can hear it. Before speaking in class, make sure you prepare a good introduction. An excellent debate introduction starts with a question and ends with a strong conclusion.

You can get good at doing this by simply Googling the main topic and “planning” on what you will say in response. Many professors assign reading courses for students to take during their sophomore year. By taking these debates and reading them, you will have a much better idea of how to argue your main points. Once you have an outline in mind, the next step is to get all your arguments ready to write. You should have handouts to refer to throughout your speech and your outline to help you think of your main point. Also, you should have some easy to understand and memorize cue cards to use throughout your speech.

It should also include your own personal opinion or interpretation of the facts and arguments. Many times students are given a set of facts and asked to find a conclusion based upon those facts. In class they will be asked to compare and contrast two different views.

Finally, a good debate writing speech always ends with a summary and a call to action. Your speech should not leave anyone hanging, it should seal its meaning with a flourish. Before you start writing, make sure to outline your main points and follow this outline with a logical follow-through.

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