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How To Write An Email To A Teacher

How to write an email to a teacher is perhaps one of the most important assignments for many teachers. Teaching profession is not just a job but also involves a lot of responsibility. You will not only be dealing with students all day but you will also be interacting with different parents as well. Therefore, one of the most important skills that you should have is how to write an email to a teacher.

  • Email Subject Line: Before actually opening the emails, always make it sure that the subject line is effective. This is the first thing that most students will read when your email is opened. Make it sure that it has a direct address to the teacher. As such, an effective teacher email subject line will surely catch the attention of many and give the needed hint that you are offering them some great information in regard to how to write an email to a teacher. In brief, the sender’s name should have a direct address to the teacher so that they will know immediately who the sender is.
  • Office Hours: It is important that you have scheduled office hours to meet all your teacher needs. After all, he/she is going to work on these essential school programs or assignments during office hours. Set aside a specific date wherein you can meet with them in person. On this day, it is important that both of you have a face-to-face date. This would be more effective if you inform him/her about your email address and your expectations from him/her. Informing the teacher of your expectations would be helpful in building a good relationship between the both of you.
  • Classroom Discussions: During classroom discussions, make sure that you use the same tone of writing as if you were communicating with your professor. Do not start off with a casual tone of conversation. Always begin by asking questions and letting the teacher answer them in his/her own style. This would definitely make the teacher interested in reading your school email and would encourage him/her to teach a better class. You could also suggest some topics that you think would be interesting for your students to read.
  • Professors: When learning how to write an email to a teacher, remember that you are dealing with a professor not a student. Be careful in handling emails from your professors especially if it is your first time in class. It would be a good idea to check your professor’s office hours on a weekly basis. If ever your professor needs any further clarification or explanation on a certain topic, your chances of receiving a response from him is much higher than getting your personal emails.
  • Personalized E-mailing: Even though most professors appreciate being kept in the loop, there are some who are wary of electronic mails. In such cases, you may want to send him/her an unformatted e-mail. Just like when you are communicating with a professor in a classroom, it is best to use the same format when sending him/her your school’s official school email. Do not try substituting your professor’s voice for that of an automated machine. This might be received as disrespectful and you will definitely lose a good professor who appreciated your efforts to pay attention to detail.
  • Personalize Your Content: Writing to a professor can be quite tricky since it is almost like talking to a close friend. One of the many important things that you need to keep in mind while writing emails is to be as respectful as possible. Always address the professor by his/her name, always use the proper format, and avoid using slang terms that might make the professor feel you did not take the time to do your research properly. One great way to do this is to research terms he/she uses commonly and incorporate them into your e-mail. For example, if your professor is from New York, then incorporating the ny word into your e-mail would be proper. On the other hand, if your professor is from Texas then incorporating tx word would also be appropriate.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Do your best to be accurate when it comes to grammar and spelling. Be careful about capitalizing words and using the proper punctuation marks. You should also try to make sure that your e-mails flow well and are written in a manner where the professor will find it easy to read. In order to ensure that your professor receives your e-mails in a respectful manner, always make sure that your mail looks well written and carefully constructed. One important thing to remember when writing to a teacher is to make sure that your attitude shows that you sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be written and to make sure that your attitude shows that you are eager to please him/her.
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