How to Write a Resolution Letter

While there are no set rules on how to write a resolution letter, there are some steps to take to make it as effective as possible. If you’re unsure about the content of your resolution letter, this article will provide some suggestions. Drafting is crucial, as is proofreading. Operative clauses and notarization are important aspects of any resolution letter. Follow these steps for success. You’ll be writing a letter that everyone will enjoy receiving.

Drafting is essential for any type of resolution letter

There are many ways to write a resolution letter. Some of them require a letterhead while others do not. However, most resolution letters must be typed. This is because typed text is more uniform in structure than handwritten text. Some resolution letters also require the inclusion of attachments. Before sending your resolution letter, make sure that you have the correct attachments. If you are sending your resolution letter as an email, you do not want the recipient to see it in its original form.

Any type of resolution letter should be drafted carefully. The intent of the letter should be clear and backed up by facts. It should be thoughtful about the issue and include both the positives and negatives. A clear and concise intent will ensure that your resolution letter will get the attention it deserves. Remember, resolution letters are legal documents. As such, they must follow the proper procedures. The following are some tips to make sure that you write a good resolution letter:


If you are going to draft a resolution letter, there are some things you need to consider. First, make sure that you follow the proper formatting. Next, check the font. It should be readable and professional. Include appropriate dates, a signature, and a complimentary closure. Finally, be sure to use correct grammar and spelling. In addition to avoiding grammar errors, proofreading will make the document look polished. This way, your resolution letter will be received more favourably by the recipient.

Use multiple methods for proofreading. Clicking on hyperlinks, typing in web addresses, and dialing phone numbers will help you to check for any errors or mistakes. Be aware of any large text changes as they can cause problems with the index numbering. Also, list any typographical errors. Check the content against the table of contents. If you find any, contact the author immediately. You can send a copy of the letter to a colleague who can help you proofread it.

Operative clauses

The operative clauses in a resolution letter are the sections of a resolution letter that tell the reader what the resolution will do. For example, it may state that the resolution will achieve peace in the Middle East or that it will enact policies that will promote peace. While most of the time, an operative clause is associated with action, it can also be a mere recommendation or a non-active policy. If you’re confused about which section to include, consider this sample resolution. The sample is intended for formatting purposes only and is very simplistic.

The operative clauses should be numbered and contain a clear statement of what the resolution is about. These parts should follow a logical sequence. The first operative clause should state what is to be done and end with a semicolon. If the action is not too complicated, break it down into sub-clauses. Another way to write an operative clause is to use a friendly amendment. It is a revision to the original draft that all sponsors agreed on. It must be approved by the committee chair before it can be adopted.


A company’s resolution letter may be used as evidence in court. In addition to being on company letterhead, it should also bear the company seal and the signatures of the directors. However, it isn’t necessary to get the document notarized or stamped. However, it is beneficial to get the letter notarized and sealed so that it is more easily recognized as evidence in court. In order to avoid having your letter rejected, here are some steps you can take.

First, make sure you have an original resolution document. In addition to that, you should get the resolution certified by the Secretary of State. A notarized resolution letter is one of the most important documents that you need to file with your company. The Secretary of State should certify that it is the real thing, but if it isn’t, it will have to be deemed unreliable. For example, if your company has a legal secretary, it should attest the letter to ensure its authenticity.

How to Write a Resolution Letter