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How To Write A Recommendation Letter

How to write a recommendation is one of the most important parts of landing that dream job. It is equally as important to know how to get people to read your letter. A recommendation letter can be written in a number of different ways. However, it must be tailored to match the personality of the individual being referred to and the company they are working for. Here are some tips on how to write a recommendation letter that will have the best possible impact.

  • Begin with a personal story about the candidate: The first part of how to write a recommendation letter begins with a personal story. You need to take the time to explain how the candidate became qualified for the job. Tell the story and share anecdotes that show how the candidate has progressed through the ranks. The stories are not only from the perspective of the candidate but also of the hiring manager. The reader needs to see the progression of the candidate and how they have succeeded in building their career.
  • Avoid using jargon and acronyms: The next step on how to write a recommendation is to avoid using jargon and acronyms. These words can leave the reader with a sense of confusion and even doubt. They may then feel less inclined to refer the letter to someone else or even stop reading it altogether. Instead, use simple English that communicates the message clearly. Remember that the goal is to convey a positive message. Do not use terms that imply that the candidate is a bad choice, no matter how qualified they are.

Know your audience: Next, it is necessary to know your audience so that you can tailor your recommendation letter samples to that group. For example, if the paper you are reading uses technical terms, then use simpler language that the majority of people will be able to understand. It is also important to make sure that you are writing for the right person. For example, if the job application requires specific skills in a particular area, state this so that they know that they will be able to apply those skills in their future job application.

State the purpose: Finally, it is important to state the specific purpose of the letter. For example, in a recommendation letter sample, the job applicant should state why he or she should be selected over another candidate. Likewise, the hiring manager should state why he or she would be interested in hiring the applicant. Be specific, and do not generalize. This will ensure that your letter lands on the right page and is read by the right person.

  • Use linkedin and other professional networking sites: In order to be able to contact a potential candidate, one must take advantage of the numerous professional networking sites available. LinkedIn is one such site, as well as groups like Facebook and Aweber. The beauty of these sites is that they allow you to add information about yourself, as well as other relevant personal information. Therefore, in order to learn how to write a recommendation letter, you should take the time to add a few pieces of information to your resume. Additionally, many job applicants now use these networking sites to search for job titles, instead of writing a separate recommendation letter.

Now, let’s say that the position you are applying for does not require anything linkedin-worthy. You can still make the case that you are more qualified than your competition simply by explaining to the hiring manager why you know someone who is already working in the field. If you have nothing to write about, but still know someone in the industry, then mention this fact when you write your recommendation letter.

As you can see, learning how to write a recommendation letter sample doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Simply follow the tips above, and you will be able to complete this task without having to stress out. No matter what type of job you are applying for, always make sure that you add quality content to your resume, and always use networking sites to search for job titles before submitting your resume. By using these simple methods, you can go ahead and get all of the results you want! Good luck!

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