How to Write a Legal Document to Be Notarized

If you are wondering how to write a legal document to be signed by a notary, there are several things that you should know. These documents are often known as a Jurat, Certificate of Acknowledgement, or Articles of Incorporation. Before you begin writing, you should learn how to use proper capitalization and punctuation to make the document look its best. Once you know exactly what you want to write in the document, the notary can focus his attention on your letter and what actions it requires.

Notary public

You may need to get a document notarized if you are involved in a big business transaction. Notarization is necessary because it validates the document and makes it official. A document with blank lines or missing information is more vulnerable to fraud. For example, a blank line in a loan document could cause borrowers to face serious trouble down the road. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your document is 100% complete before it is notarized.

If you are using an online notary, you can easily make an appointment through the service. After registering, you will receive an email containing a link where you can upload the documents and answer a few simple questions to ensure your identity. You will then interact virtually with the notary. In this way, you will be able to write a legal document that will stand the test of time. The notary will verify your identity and understand the terms of the document.


A jurat is a legal document that requires the person who signs it to swear that they agree to the contents. It is sometimes used as a credible witness for a deposition or a court settlement. Notarization of a legal document is not required in all states, but you should check with the receiving agency to ensure you can get one in your area. If in doubt, you can consult a lawyer.

A notarial letter can be written in any format, but it should have a heading that clearly identifies what it is and what action it requires. If it is an affidavit, the heading should read “Affidavit.” Make sure to capitalize the heading. Also, it is important to include a caption identifying the subject of the question.

Certificate of acknowledgment

A certificate of acknowledgment for a legal document to be notarized serves as a proof that the signer is the person they claim to be. It serves as a legal document in a variety of contexts. Typically, a document will be notarized when two individuals sign it. It is possible for the signer to sign the document before actually appearing before a notary, but he or she must acknowledge that they are the person who signed the document.

The notary public’s form must document the current calendar date. The date must be a two-digit number, such as the month and the day of the week. The notary’s full name, title, and office must also be clearly stated. Each signatory should state the identity of each person present, using appropriate pronouns, and state where they reside. Once the signer has completed the form, they should present a valid identification.

Jurat for Articles of Incorporation

When writing the articles of incorporation, the notary is required to administer a notary oath to the person signing the document. This notary then reviews the signature affix on the document. An acknowledgment is an important part of the document because it identifies the person signing it and is an official declaration to the notary. This flexibility works to the signer’s advantage because it enables the original signer to choose whether to sign before the notary or in their presence. Despite the similarities, there are some key differences between the two.

A jurat is distinct from an acknowledgment, which encourages an individual to sign a document. It ensures the document is true and that the signer is a genuine individual. Increasingly, states are implementing Remote Online Notarization (RON) services that provide this service. However, notarization services for documents are not available in every state. It’s important to check the requirements for your state before using a notary.

Articles of Lease

Many people have questions about whether they need to have their Articles of Lease notarized before they sign. While the answer may seem obvious, this isn’t always the case. You’ll want to take the time to learn about what this type of notarization means. Articles of Lease are documents that define a lease between a landlord and tenant. A notary is someone who is authorized by the state or county to certify documents.

Although not required by law, notarizing your lease can give you peace of mind. While notarizing the contract does not prove it is legally binding, it does add an extra level of protection to your landlord or leasing agent. Typically, notarizing your lease is only required for leases that are more than three years old in Ohio. New York will likely require that leases be notarized in the future.

How to Write a Legal Document to Be Notarized