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How To Write A Fitness Blog Post

How to write a fitness blog can be tricky business if you don t know how to do it right. Not everyone wants to read long posts with irrelevant information about random exercises and tedious workouts.

So how do you decide on a great name? Here are some suggestions:

Fitness Bloggers Anonymous This blog is about fitness in general but name-drop as much as you can and keep it conversational.

You can use “Fitness Blogger” as your domain name and you may want to also incorporate your affiliate link into your own name.

If you have questions about how to write a fitness blog remember that your readers do not have to wait for your next post to get answers or knowledge.

They will gladly come to you now that you are willing to answer their burning questions.

Email List Mafia This list is built around one thing and that is building an email list. Your list can be made up of people who have bought products from you or at one time bought from you, people who joined a mastermind group or bought from you and more.

The idea behind this is to build an email list of subscribers who trust and respect you as an expert.

To build an email list, you need to offer them valuable information, offer them free reports or whatever else you can think of that will hook them into wanting to be part of your opt-in list.

This is how to write a fitness blog that will be successful.

E-Books With the use of digital cameras, smart phones, e-books, and the like, anyone can now publish information almost instantly.

Fitness bloggers are no different. With access to a word processing program, an internet connection and a printer; fitness bloggers can now publish and sell e-books and content almost instantly.

What’s great about this is that it allows you to target a very specific audience with almost zero effort. Best of all, you can increase your audience as you go along by offering different formats of e-books.

Social Media As mentioned before, social media has opened up the door for almost any marketer to reach out to his or her target audience.

Fitness marketers can now use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others to reach out to their target audiences.

In addition to reaching out to your audience directly, you can also develop partnerships with other marketers in your niche and promote their products through your social media sites.

Best of all, most successful fitness blog marketers have taken this route to promote their sites. A great example of this is Rob Judge, who promotes health and wellness websites for multiple clients.

Email List A healthy audience requires targeted email list. You can develop your own email list by building your own list from your subscribers.

For instance, if you are a fitness blogger and you know very few people have yet heard about your blog, you can take the help of a traffic exchange site to get the attention of a few interested readers.

From these readers, you can develop a relationship and introduce your blog to them in person or via email.

Once they have been introduced, you can then start building an email list that you can market to on a regular basis.

Guest Post A popular method bloggers use to attract readers is to have guest bloggers from the industry that they specialize in.

For instance, if you are a weight loss and fitness blogger, you may want to consider having a contributor weigh in on a specific issue that concerns your target audience.

In addition, you may also want to include a review of an ebook or other informative resource that your target readers are not aware of.

For instance, if you are writing about the latest trends in the world of fitness and health, you can put an insightful review of a new book that discusses these trends.

Email Marketing For those who are new to how to write a fitness blog post, email marketing is perhaps one of the best ways to get your ideas out there.

You can send emails to your audience about blog posts and upcoming events, as well as offer freebies for those who visit your website.

This will build brand awareness as well as generate interest in your products and services.

For those who are new to how to write a fitness blog post, email marketing is perhaps one of the best ways to get your ideas out there.

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