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How To Write A Character Sketch: Character Traits And Personality Traits

Without knowing where the character came from, how he or she started out, and how they became who they are, it is difficult to fully develop a character. It is important to provide enough information about back story to help the reader understand how the character fits into the main theme of the story.

The process of how to write a character sketch begins with defining your character’s personality. You also need to decide what emotion your character is feeling at the moment, and how he will feel in different circumstances. A character sketch just outlines the main characteristics, history, behavior and emotional makeup of a specific character. This is usually done for children’s books or for comic books where the character is a beloved character. While it may not be required for most universities, it is always good to know how to write a best character sketch.

Knowing how to write a character sketch effectively enables a writer to incorporate details that make the story richer. By giving a detailed description of particular character traits and personal characteristics, a writer can help his or her reader develop an emotional connection to the character. After developing a positive emotional connection, readers will be more likely to follow the character throughout the entire story.

To learn how to write character sketches that are truly effective, you must be able to develop these flaws and qualities so that the person remains interesting. If a character is well balanced and has many positive traits, readers will likely identify with him. If a person’s positives are overshadowing his negative traits, readers will want to see the character change for the positive characters.

One way of how to write a character sketch is to relate your knowledge of the particular character to his physical characteristics. For example, if your child has brown hair and green eyes, you know that he is probably a boy. Write down all of his physical traits, starting with his height, weight, head circumference, etc. Then, you can begin to fill in the blanks relating to his hair color, eye color, skin color, clothing, and interests. Another way to get your best character sketch across is to use descriptive words when you initially describe your own creation.

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