How To Make Money Guest Blogging

Are you a newbie who has been looking for information on how to make money guest blogging? Well, the good news is that this is one of the best ways to start your own business.

Most people who are not familiar with Internet marketing do not know how to make money guest blogging.

But if you get a little more familiar with how it works, you will surely find it beneficial in your future blogging endeavours.

How to make money as a guest blogger is very simple and the steps are easy enough to follow. There are several companies out there that are willing to pay bloggers to write blogs and articles for them.

These companies will supply the content that you will be writing and the pay is usually pretty substantial. So if you have a passion for writing, there is no reason why you should not jump at the chance to earn some extra cash.

When you start guest blogging, it is always in your best interest to maintain your integrity. Even though you are getting paid to write about topics related to the company’s product, you will still need to uphold a high level of integrity while conducting yourself on your blog.

Keep in mind that you are being provided with a free blog site which means that you will also have to maintain it.

In addition to this, the products that are being sold through these sites are not free. They are being sold in bulk amounts.

Thus, you will need to be serious when it comes to dealing with your own blog and maintaining your integrity when it comes to writing.

Another secret on how to make money guest blogging is by writing an interesting and informative article about the topic that you are linked with.

If you do not have any background in this field, it is advisable that you start off with a broad topic and then gradually move on to more detailed and specific information.

It would also be helpful if you conduct a minor research on the background of your preferred topic. This way, your article would be more informative and relevant.

If you are not confident enough with your writing skills, you can always hire a professional to write your content for you.

There are several writers who are very much skilled in writing and have vast experience in conducting guest blogging.

In fact, there are even a few who are willing to write on whatever they are asked for. Their rates are usually affordable considering the benefits that come with writing.

There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you know how to make money guest blogging.

Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to earn money in ways that you never thought possible. The amount of money that you will get from this type of blogging will depend on how popular your blog is.

A popular blog will attract more readers and will therefore attract more visitors to the site. You can then expect to get traffic from that site which can ultimately lead to you making more money.

And you don’t even need to put up with writing just one post per month as there are many other sites that allow you to submit your posts in multiple articles thus allowing you to earn more in that time.

Another benefit of knowing how to make money guest blogging is that it allows you to expose your business to a wider audience.

There are a lot of webmasters who do not get the exposure that they need through their own blogs. The people who visit your blog will give you more chances to reach out to your target audience.

As a result, those webmasters who know how to make money guest blogging are often those that get the most targeted traffic.

Of course, everything is dependent on you and how well you promote your site. You should never spam your guest posts but instead only provide useful tips and information to your readers.

This way, you will be able to build a relationship with them and perhaps when they eventually check out your site, they will visit yourself and possibly become a client.

Once your relationship has grown, how to make money guest blogging will be easier for you to take advantage of.

Tips How to Make Money Guest Blogging

There are some basic tips to help you get started: First, find blogs that have a high Domain Authority. Ideally, these blogs are at least 50. Once you’ve found them, write an article, or hire a writer, and offer your guest post as a bonus resource. Then, measure your results. Ultimately, you should be able to make a decent amount of money from guest blogging.

Find blogs with a Domain Authority of 50 or higher

There are a number of ways to find blogs with a high Domain Authority that will pay you for your posts. SEO companies use the Domain Authority to determine how much they are worth. Bloggers and influencers can also use the Domain Authority to determine how much they can charge for sponsored posts. Many bloggers use Moz Bar to track the Domain Authority of each website they visit. This free tool provides more detailed information about a website’s DA rating.

First of all, it’s important to know the audience of the blogs you choose to write for. The audience of the blog is crucial when selecting the topic for your guest posts. Is the audience more business-oriented or are they general consumers? Are the posts specific tutorials or lists? Once you have an idea of who your targeted audience is, you can begin writing. Once you’ve written your guest posts, make sure to follow up with them.

If you’re not sure which niche to target, try using a benchmark platform. This platform is specifically targeted at marketers, and their domain name is benchmarkemail. The platform’s name is intended to brand itself as a benchmark. This platform also values content more than word count, so you’ll want to write high-quality content. It’s a good place to start because this website serves over 700k readers each month.

Whether you want to write about topics related to business or personal interests, you’ll need to find a blog with a high Domain Authority. Blog owners want content from specific types of writers. You should write detailed, thoughtful comments to earn the blog owner’s trust. Make sure to connect with the blog owners on social media platforms. Most bloggers use these sites extensively and are happy to engage in discussions.

You can use Google AdSense to place your ads on a website’s content. Adsy is another popular site for marketing and business blogs. Their site’s DA is around 83, which makes it a good choice for both publishers and buyers. Outbrain has 430 million monthly readers and is one of the most respected places to get your content placed. You can also try HubSpot. They accept guest posts, and their topics change regularly.

Write your own blog post or hire a writer

To make money by guest blogging, you’ll need to find an audience who is interested in the topics you’re writing about. Many popular blogs receive hundreds of pitches every month, and they don’t have the time to go after each one. You should try to target well-established businesses and brands with a relevant audience. It’s also wise to work with reputable marketers who already have a large following and domain authority.

Aside from generating traffic, guest blogging can also increase your site’s PageRank. Google looks for relevant, interesting content, and if your post contains a few comments, your site will rise in the rankings. If your post has a high page rank, you can earn more money by guest blogging. But beware of scams! Avoid paying for a guest post or writing a bad one.

You can also charge by the word. You can either write your own blog post or hire a writer to do the guest blogging for you. However, it’s wise to make sure you write your posts three or four times so that you can generate enough revenue to cover your expenses. For more income, try to write for other people’s blogs, and share your ideas with them. If they like your writing, they might link back to your personal blog.

Make sure to include your website link in your author bio. Some companies allow links within the main body of the post, but they tend to change them over time. Your author bio is probably the only permanent link to your website. Make sure to mention your website when writing a guest post on someone else’s blog. Your guest post will boost their authority and traffic and will help you build your own brand name.

If you’re a writer, pitch your work to different businesses. Every writer has their own writing style and expertise, so make sure to market yourself well. Remember to explain your strengths and explain why hiring you is worth the investment. Most established blogs won’t turn down an article from a well-known brand. If you’re a writer, make sure you write regularly. If you don’t want to write on a regular basis, you can use the guest blogging platform or hire a writer to do your guest posts.

Create a bonus resource for guests

If you are not sure how to create a bonus resource for your guests, consider offering content-specific upgrades. Offer relevant bonuses within the guest post, or after the conclusion or before your bio. Whenever possible, talk to your target audience as if you are writing directly to them. This will engage them and make them more interested in what you have to say and your website. If you can, create a case study or success story to highlight the value of your advice or website. In most cases, these posts are hit articles, with as much as 10 to 20 times more traffic than your average guest blog post.

To create a content upgrade, make sure that your guest post follows the blog’s guidelines. Some blog owners allow unlimited links, while others don’t allow them at all. Remember to keep your content upgrades relevant to the blog topic, too. If you’re not sure how to do this, try using Backlinko’s guide to content upgrades. Once you’ve written a content upgrade, it’s time to start looking for opportunities to share your knowledge on your guest blog.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to promote your own content, create a subject line that says it all. Editors don’t want to read a spammy subject line, so be direct. Identify what you like about the blog – the audience, the quality of content, or the ability to drive traffic. By showing genuine interest, you will impress editors and convince them that you’re a valuable resource.

While guest blogging has become increasingly popular, it’s still not a guaranteed source of new customers. It requires more effort and planning than ever, and it can be effective if done properly. When done properly, guest blogging can increase brand awareness and exposure, both for you and the guest. A blog with a high quality audience will benefit from the expertise of its contributor. In addition to increasing exposure, guest blogging can also help you build a solid presence on the web.

Measure your results

Guest blogging is a wonderful tool for increasing traffic, but you’ll have to know how to measure it to make sure it’s working for you. Metrics are not the only way to measure success. With some creative thinking and a little creativity, your guest blogging campaign can reach even higher. For example, you can use Facebook Page Insights to find out how many people see your content on a daily basis.

The best way to measure your results when guest blogging is to create a SMART goal. This means choosing a blog that has a high Domain Authority. If the blog is on a subdomain, it won’t offer you as much in terms of backlink strength. Also, if the blog is on the root domain, you’ll have more SEO impact from the backlinks. In addition, higher Domain Authority means more readers, which translates into more traffic. Regardless of the purpose of your guest post, you should aim to entertain and educate your readers. If you follow these rules, you’ll see positive results.

Aside from increasing traffic, guest blogging is also a great way to increase your social media profile. The key to success in guest blogging is to measure the exposure you receive when your new guest post goes live. Most blogs feature social media counters, and you can check these using tools like ShareTally. Once you have the data, enter it into a spreadsheet and analyze the impact guest blogging has on your social media presence. In addition to this, you can use the data to determine which blogs are giving you the most exposure.

Remember that most influencers do not follow up on guest posts. However, if they do, you should send a follow-up email and mention how the article is doing and any improvements you’d like to make to your article. Hopefully, this email will create a relationship between you and your influencer, so you’ll be remembered for future projects. For best results, guest blogging is always a two-way street.

How To Make Money Guest Blogging